How Cloud Software Can Benefit Veterinary Clinics

Over the past ten years, most medical facilities have changed over from using a rudimentary handwritten recording system with limited computer usage to adopting a completely software-driven operational network to run their practice. This evolution has proven to be a much better way to treat patients, share important medical information, and keep facilities organized. Veterinary clinics are catching on to the success of this method and are gradually changing over themselves when they find the right tools. Not only will products like Navetor cloud veterinary software help keep all of a clinic's data organized, it also makes day-to-day operations flow much more smoothly.

Don't Be Misled by Past Concerns

As it is relatively new, vet practice management software does have some misconceptions surrounding it. Many professionals fear that if machines crash or lightening strikes the building, all of their patient records, clinical notes, and personnel accounts will be lost. Although this was true in the past, today's software operates from an off-site facility so that clinics can rest assured that all the information they enter is safely stored and backup by the host. Another common fallacy is that a tech support team will need to be hired to periodically manage the software. This is also unnecessary because almost all companies specializing in this product provide their own support as part of the overall cost of the operating system.

Office Space Will Never Be Compromised by Obtrusive Technology

One aspect of veterinary-based software that sometimes keeps doctors from investing in the product is the need for extra storage capacity. Many veterinary clinics are small businesses run by one or more medical professionals who fear the thought of purchasing a server large enough to store all of the day-to-day data. Clinics also tend to feel overwhelmed by the amount of money involved in setting up and maintaining all of the physical hardware. This is where companies that provide cloud-based vet software have the advantage. Veterinarians that use this type of software are backing up and accessing information from the cloud, no physical servers or hard drives need to be purchased or installed in the facility. To top things off, the staff can easily perform all of their duties by just using a handful of tablets or a few laptops, cutting down the amount of expensive computers needed while also making data entry portable.

Simplify Operational Procedures

The biggest benefit of using technology like the Navetor Veterinary software is that everything a staff member needs is easily accessible. There is no longer a need to search through filing cabinets or switch back and forth through various applications to enter or find information. The software allows the user to quickly locate what they need by navigating through the menus. From patient records, payment history, and appointments to the staff time clock, pay records, and vacation requests, everything is readily available. The software can also capture signatures, request prescription orders, and email pertinent information to all applicable parties, creating a very smooth and easy to understand work-flow.